Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cupcakes and Owls

I am one of four girls...I am the oldest of four girls...I am an aunt...I am a brunette, just like my youngest sister, Rachel. These are all statements of my identity as a part of my family! My sister Rachel and I have had the unique opportunity of spending a lot of time together in the last year. She attends a university only an hour south of me, and often comes for the weekend to visit and "get away from it all." She is in her last semester on campus now, and I am sad to think that soon we won't be able to see each other nearly as much. I am excited to see what God has in store for her future, as a music teacher and wife...but first, she has a birthday coming up! Below is the birthday card that I've made her, using the sketch on Everything But the Kitchen Sink. It has her favorite thing (cupcakes) and my favorite thing (owls) and lots of bright colors...which works for her since she has such a bright personality!
Owl and sentiment-Hampton Art Cupcakes-Inkadinkadoo Paper-American Traditional Design Glossy Accents on the cherry and flame.
I am truly a blessed girl to have Rachel in my well as my other two sisters too! Look for future posts of cards that I send to my other two sisters... :) They can almost always count on a homemade card with an owl on it somewhere! :)


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