Monday, February 7, 2011

Secret Sister Reveal

January is the month our church does our Secret Sister Reveal. This is always tons of fun! Secret Sisters are a group of women at our church who choose to pray and encourage one other woman in secret for an entire year. At the reveal, we bring gifts for one another and we "reveal" our identity! We also draw names for the new year of Secret Sisters.
2010 was year of firsts for me, learning how to knit and crochet! I have really enjoyed knitting and crocheting little stuffed animals for my future son or daughter and for my one year old niece! For the Secret Sister reveal, I decided to take on my biggest crochet project yet and crochet a market bag for my Secret Sister. She enjoys going to the farmer's market every Saturday during the warmer months, so I thought she would like a bag to take along with her. I chose to make her bag green because that is her favorite color.Pattern by: Cathy Phillips; "Stylin' Tote Bag; found on Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn
So, the biggest crochet project I've attempted was a success and my Secret Sister has even been seen carrying it around church on Sundays!


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