Saturday, October 1, 2011

Generations of Crafters

First baby sweater made for a family friend.
Second the green!  Pattern by

nadia crétin-léchenne.  

I just finished putting together my second knitted baby sweater! It was a lot of fun to make and turned out really cute.  As I was taking photos of my sweater, I began to think of the legacy of crafters that make up my family.  One of my grandmothers is a knitter and the other is a crocheter.  Both of them will actually be visiting me next weekend, and I can't wait to show them my latest project! Thankfully they have passed their "craft" down to the next two generations, as my mom and one of my sisters also knit.  
In the mail yesterday, I received a quilted bag from my husband's aunt.  Along with the bag is a framed piece of a quilt from Derrick's family.  It is my pleasure to be able to hang that piece of quilt in my house, as a legacy of Derrick's family and their craft...quilting.  My quilted bag will be used with pride as Shelley continues to create for the Ford family. 

 Here are some photos of the products of my family's creativity!
A washcloth crocheted by Derrick's mom.
Blanket crocheted by Derrick's Aunt Marilyn.
Framed quilt square made by Derrick's grandmother and great grandmother.
The green blanket knit by my sister, Nancy. The yellow blanket crocheted by my Nana.
Hat, sweater and blanket knit by my grandma.

Bag quilted by Derrick's Aunt Shelley.
Little girl bear knit by my mom, little boy bear knit by me.
The next generation, my niece playing with a monkey I crocheted for her last Christmas.

So happy crafting...enjoy the crafts of previous generations and make sure to pass them along to the next!


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