Saturday, October 22, 2011

Star of the Show

I began crocheting about a year ago.  It's something that I really enjoy, especially as I watch TV with my husband.  I must admit, I'm not very good with just sitting and watching TV...I have to be doing something, so crocheting and knitting have become my answer.  I think I like crocheting so much because I feel that if I make a mistake, it's easy to tear and try again without worrying about picking up stitches (like in knitting).  

My goal in my last several projects has been to use some of the yarn that's been accumulating, without buying more. I chose to try Chromium Star Blanket pattern to try and use some of my cotton skeins.  About six months ago, I tried to use this pattern and failed, so this time I was determined to figure it out! With a little help from the author's blog, I was able to figure out how to do some of the trickier, new stitches.
Used Lily Sugar n Cream Tangerine with In Motion variegated cotton.
After finishing the crocheting, I went on the hunt to find some flannel to back the blanket with.  I was in luck when I ran into this cute polka dotted fabric at Hancock Fabrics.  I was even happier to learn that my fairly new sewing machine is capable of sewing through the fabric and the crocheted blanket. 
Flannel fabric from Hancock Fabrics

I am so pleased with the final product and even have someone is mind to give it to!  Thank you to Laura Lynn Hanks for the beautiful pattern...I plan to make many more in lots of different color combinations!


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