Saturday, May 7, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

I am so excited to have finally finished a late birthday gift for a friend! Her birthday was the beginning of April, and I am just finishing it today.  Because of my mass amount of crocheting over the winter months, I was having problems with my wrists, so I took it easy on finishing this project.  

I did send her a photo hint on her birthday. (below)
And, while I had made one of these bags before, this time I decided to be adventurous and lined the inside of the bag and the handles.  After fighting with my sewing machine (which is about 30+ years old) and stabbing myself with a needle many is finished!
 This pattern is titled "Stylin' Tote Bag" by Cathy Phillips on  I did modify it a little...I didn't make it nearly as deep as she called for and then I cinched the ends near the handles on each side.
 I am so excited to be able to take photos outdoors in natural's just beautiful here today! Below shows what the inside of the lined bag looks like.
Now to go and wrap it up to give to my friend tomorrow!


Abby said...

I LOVE it Corey! I think that the lining is a fantastic idea! Not only does it look adorable but will keep the bag from stretching too much when you put things in it.

Corey Marie said...

Thanks Abby...I would love to put a lining in the one I made for you. Didn't think about it until after I made the first one!

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